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Lucy's Story

February 2010- Jen and Lucy at an orphanage in Sierra Leone. This was the first time Jen saw Lucy. 3 months earlier she was abanded on a beach. Left for dead. Nobody wanted her. "She is ABNORMAL" is what we were told. She was filthy, severely malnourished, unable to walk, bloated stomach and parasites coming out of her head.

August 2012- By the grace of God, Lucy survived and now lives with us in Pella. An amazing child who started full time kindergarten this year. She communicates in her own little language. She falls often and drools like a leaky faucet. But that is all what makes Lucy so unique. I praise God everyday for her!

Psalm 44:8 "O God, we give glory to You all day long and constantly praise Your name."

August 2013- Lucy is entering 1st grade this year. She has made huge strides in her language, walking and growth. She wants to play basketball this year and begs to play soccer too. She continues to amaze us each day.

April 2015- Lucy is just about to complete 1st grade. Again. She is taking spelling test, working on math problems and reading every day. Amazing to see what God is doing with this girl. In December we held the first ever "Lucy's Lay-Ups" camp designed specifically for kids with special needs. We had over 30 girls helping and over 10 participants! God was glorified!

More on Lucy to come...