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If you are interested in Shoot-It coming to your school next summer, please contact Doug Diers., 515-450-7302 



Dribble Drive Workout- JJ Redicks to the campers

1. Works on shots off the dribble

2. Perform from 3 different spots on the court. Both wings and the top of the key.

3. Perform each move until you make the shot. Perform all 5 moves going right, then all 5 moves going left.

Dribble Drive Video- Click Here

W.E.B Shooting Drill

Timed drill- 1 minute

Score 3 point from the Wing

Score 2 points from the Elbow

Score 1 point from the Block

22-25 points is a good score

W.E.B shooting Video

15 Second Intensity Lay-up

Timed drill- 15 seconds

Make 2 right hand lay-ups and 2 left hand lay-ups in 15 seconds or less.

Intensity Lay-ups Video