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If you are interested in Shoot-It coming to your school next summer, please contact Doug Diers., 515-450-7302 



I got it! Thanks!! My girls have said this is best camp
ever-after first day and have been practicing daily!!!
It's on the 'chore chart'! Thanks 

Morgan Y
I wish I could register Jossie for top 64 again. She is graduating in May. I want to thank you for the
opportunity of Top 64. I know it really helped Jossie improve as a player. She enjoyed playing in both
the summer and fall leagues. It gave her more confidence and opportunity for success and lots of memories
of the great sport of basketball. Thanks again and I hope you keep the program going. My next daughter, 
Jaynie, currently a 6th grader, is obsessed with basketball (reads bb coaching books just for fun) is looking
forward to following her sister's footsteps.
Doug, There is a guy I work with from New Sharon whose son is doing your Tuesday camp for the first time.  I asked how it was going.  He said his wife texted him 3 times last week during the workout to say how impressed she was with how you did things and his son was super excited.  Couldn’t wait to go again today.                             Mike, Pella Parent
Dear Doug,
Our kids have had so much fun with Holiday Hoops and Junior Hoops! Thanks so much for not only showing them the fundamental of basketball but also how to use good choices in everyday life. We are so lucky to live in such a community as Pella with great Christian people looking and teaching after our kids. I'm sure we will be seeing you soon! Thanks again, Jodi- Parent

Doug: I wanted to give you a shout out on your performance and your team of coaches performance.  My son Hudson has had a fantastic time with the Sunday basketball and your team has really got him interested in the sport.  I coach this age in baseball so I understand the challenges but not the challenges of 70 of them at one time.  You guys are doing a great job and I appreciate your support of the youth in a Christian way. Thanks again!                                     Mike, Pella Parent

"I wanted to pass along a big "THANKS"  from Rian (and Julie and I) for the time you spent with Rian on Wednesday.  We are excited about future sessions.  It was fun to sit back as a parent and watch how you approached the session, and the passion I saw in Rian as he tried to execute the drills to the best of his ability.  I particularly liked how you consistently emphazied to Rian to not worry about "messing up", but to try and focus on going full speed in the drills.  I also liked how you added the five pushups if he didn't make both free throws.  The pushups are good for him if he didn't make them both, but it got him focused on making them both - good stuff.  I don't have any preconceived notion about his talent or his long-term potential, I just want him to pursue whatever he tries with great passion and to give it his best - whether it is his school work, his friendships, basketball, baseball, etc...  Its strange to use the term "work" when we are talking about basketball which is a game we "play", but it was neat to see Rian working hard to take advantage of your expertise and experience.  Thanks again"                                                                                  Doug Yates, Parent

“The Shoot-It program has proven over the last 8 summers that shooting begins with footwork. Doug and Brian do an excellent job with the kids teaching and explaining the art of shooting. I highly recommend Shoot-It for all ages. There isn’t a better shooting academy around.”
Adam Haluska, Houston Rockets

“Having our players participate in the Top 64 League has made a BIG impact on our program. Not only did they stay committed to playing basketball all summer long, they had the opportunity to compete against the best talent around the state. Doug runs a very well organized league and is a must for every basketball player serious about going to the next level.”
Tyler Edwards, Carroll Kuemper Head Coach

“Thank you for helping me with my shot. I enjoyed Shoot-it a lot!”
Landon Braun, Jefferson

“The camp was great! Doug took the time to work with me on my whole game. I played four years of high school basketball and Doug has raised my game to another level in just 5 weeks. I’m definitely more fundamentally sound and confident heading into college.”
Melissa Sporrer, All State Player

“Shoot-It challenged me to become a better basketball player with all the challenging drills and competitions.”
Sarah Zinnell, Boone Academy participant

“I learned to shoot at game speed and practice game-like situations. I liked that it wasn’t just a 3 day camp. I was also able to see improvement over a longer period of time.”
Brooke, Red Oak High School

“Doug has established himself as a great teacher of basketball. I trust my own kids because of his knowledge and style. He is one of the best shooters to come out of Mid-West Iowa.”
Jeff Rutter, Iowa State University Assistant Coach

Thanks, Doug. As I said before, Emily hates to miss your camp. She has really enjoyed it. There doesn’t seem to be many good camps in the area for girls to attend, so we were excited to learn of yours. Keep up the great work.”
Mike Weber, Parent

“Shoot-It was the most individual attention that I’ve had at any basketball camp. I can’t wait to do it again next year.”
Neil Liechti, Carroll Camper

"I highly recommend this because of the challenging drills and positive feedback the kids have always received. The environment is fun but challenging."
Laura Terhark, Algona, States leading 3 point shooter

"The workouts I had with Doug were incredible. He lifted my confidence and pushed me to excel. Even though they were hard, I can't wait for this summer."                                 Courtney Kelderman, Pella High School

"The Shoot-It program is great. I've been going for the past 3 summers and won't miss this summer either. Doug does a great job of breaking down everything. It has definitely helped me prepare for the college level."
Christa Subbert, First Team All-State, Leading Scorer William Penn University

"We have had the pleasure of working with Doug on several occasions.  He has a great understanding of the game and does a wonderful job of teaching basketball to kids of all ages and abilities." Josh Bandstra- Oskaloosa parent

"My son Josh has been to your camp several times over the past years and has really enjoyed your camp. Josh has really improved his game over the years but he is wanting to improve more and would like to attend some other training. Brenda and I were wondering if you offer any type of extra camps or training or maybe even some one on one training. Thank you for all that you do for the kids and we really appreciate it." Stuart Rexroat, Monroe parent

"The boys, and parents, really enjoyed the league last year! Good luck to you!" Kathy Davis, Webster City parent

"Players and Parents,  I took the opportunity this summer to observe the Shoot-it basketball camp run by Coach Doug Diers at the Boone Middle School.  I often have players and parents ask me for recommendations on camps that will help to improve their basketball skills.  I do not make a recommendation on a camp unless I have personally seen the instruction.
I was able to observe this camp on 4 of the 5 days it was held.  If you are interested in making an investment in an effort to help your daughter to improve her shooting skills I recommend the Shoot-it camp.  Coach Diers provided excellent instruction coupled with drills.  In my opinion a bonus of this camp is an emphasis on ball handling which leads into the shooting drills.  Coach Diers well knows the importance of having good ball handling skills so each player can create situations to get her shot off unguarded.
There are many shooting camps available for you to choose from and you can research them on-line if you are interested.  I believe Coach Dier's Shoot-it camp would be well worth considering."
                                                                                                        Coach Mark Hein
                                                                                                        Boone High School
First of all I need to thank you again for the knowledge Drei and I gained from your camp.  As much as it helped Drei to do the drills it also helped me to sit and watch so that I would know what he was needing more work with.
                                                                                                                     Greg Hampel
                                                                                                                     Red Oak Parent

Hey Doug, this is Delaney. My mom just showed me the video you sent about Lucy. The story of Lucy inspires me greatly and it makes me think of how when I'm older I would like to do what you and your wife did for Lucy. I think it would be great to make a difference in someones life how you have. It also makes me think of how great life really is and how you should cherish every moment you have.. I would love to see Lucy again! And I know all the other girls love her too. Thank you so much for being a great inspiration to me and my friends, you not only push us to be the best we can be but you teach us about life, and I've learned that by working hard, you can achieve anything!! :) Thank you and God Bless!
                                                                                                                                               Delaney, Skills Camper
Thanks Doug!  You do an awesome job with the kids.  This is the first year we have participated, we have 2 boys in this year.  I am impressed and we will definitely be signing them up again!                                                                     Heather, parent

Thanks for all you do!  Jaedon had a really great time and was bummed that it is over.  Pella Parent
Dear, Doug, I want to say thank you so much for being such great coach. Valeriya really enjoys being part of your academy.
                                                                                                Pella Parent

"Playing at the college level isn't an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, 
commitment, and great coaching to make it. Doug is very knowledgeable about the game,
 knows exactly what drills to work on and will push you to become better in all aspects of the game.
 I have depended on him to help me achieve my goals in high school and still turn to him today!
It is a must to attend his academy."
                                                 Shellie Mosman, 2006 Miss Iowa Basketball, Iowa State Cyclones  

"Doug has established himself as a great teacher of shooting.I trust him with my own son because of his knowledge and style. He is one of the best shooters to come out of Mid-West Iowa.”

Jeff Rutter, Iowa State Cyclones Assistant Coach


“My son worked harder in one hour with Doug then he has the last 4 months put together. This was great for him.”

                                                                                                         Mike Prichard, Boone Parent


"The Shoot-It program is great. I've been going for the past 3 summers and won't miss this summer
 either. Doug does a great job of breaking down everything. It has definitely helped me prepare
 for the college level."
                            Christa Subbert, First Team All-State, Leading Scorer William Penn University 

 “I needed this! Doug pushed me to develop my shooting, ball handling and conditioning. He actually cares if I get better or not.”

                                                                                           Matt Heiler, Summer Workouts Participant

I just wanted to say thank you for coaching Ryan. He really enjoys basketball and has learned so much from you, not only on the court, but off the court as well. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful coach!!                                                                                 Pella Parent